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EGOA Final Report Released (Published by Roger Li, 2006-11-19)

The EGOA Final Report can now be found here as a pdf file or under Downloads and Presentations in the menu on the left.

Business case for VHF-VDL radio available (Published by Roger Li, 2006-05-09)

As a part of the outcome of the EGOA project, a business case for the use of a VHF-VDL (Very High Frequency-VHF Data Link) multi-mode radio (i.e. incorporating datalink) within General Aviation (GA) and Aerial work (AW) operations has been developed by Helios Technology in cooperation with LFV. This business case can now be found here as a zip file or under Downloads and Presentations in the menu on the left.

List of available VDL4 standards and their status (Published by Roger Li, 2006-03-29)

  • ICAO: Annex 10, Volume III, Part I - Digital Data Communication Systems (Released)
  • ICAO: Doc 9816 AN/448 - Manual on VHF Digital Link (VDL) Mode 4 - First Edition 2004 (Released)
  • ETSI: EN 301 842 - Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM); VHF air-ground Digital Link (VDL) Mode 4 radio equipment; Technical characteristics and methods of measurement for ground-based equipment (Released)
  • ETSI: EN 302 842 - Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM); VHF air-ground and air-air Digital Link (VDL) Mode 4 radio equipment; Technical characteristics and methods of measurement for aeronautical mobile (airborne) equipment (Released)
  • EUROCAE: ED108A - MOPS for VDL Mode 4 Aircraft Transceiver for ADS-B (Released)

    EGOA presented at RTCA/EUROCAE in Brussels (Published by Roger Li, 2006-02-01)

    The EGOA project was presented to the RTCA SC-206/EUROCAE WG44&53 on their meeting in Brussels on 1 February 2006.

    The subject for the meeting was Meteorological and Aeronautical Information Services provided by Data Link. The response from the meeting to the EGOA presentation was very positive. You can find the presentation here or under Downloads & Presentations in the left hand menu.

    First flight from Malmö-Sturup airport in EGOA net (Published by Roger Li, 2006-01-31)

    Tuesday afternoon, 31 January 2006, it was possible for the first time to follow a flight ALL the way from Malmö-Sturup airport up to the Stockholm area in the EGOA ADS-B network. It was an RJ100 aircraft from Malmö Aviation. Malmö Aviation had their first presentation of their AOC tool for fleet management via ADS-B.

    One more ground station in EGOA network (Published by Roger Li, 2006-01-27)

    On the 23rd of January 2006 one more ground station was added to the EGOA network. The new ground station is placed at Malmö-Sturup airport and increases the airspace volume that EGOA covers to also incorporate the very south of Sweden.

    Presentations from the 26th now available (Published by Roger Li, 2005-10-27)

    Now you can download any of the presentations from the EGOA/CASCADE demo, trial and workshop held in Norrköping on Octber 26. You find them by clicking here or under Downloads and Presentations on your left.

    Successful EGOA demo and workshop (Published by Roger Li, 2005-10-26)

    The EGOA project wishes to thank all the participants who helped to make the joint EGOA/CASCADE demo/trial/workshop a success. More than 60 partcipants from all over Europe attended the workshop and 16 ADS-B equipped GA aircraft participated in the demo flights. The presentations will be uploaded to the egoa website no later than Thursday October 27.

    Welcome to Demo October 26 (Published by Roger Li, 2005-09-28)

    The LFV ANS Group and EUROCONTROL are delighted to invite you to our joint live trial and workshop on the 26th of October, at Norrköping Airport in Sweden.

    The trial addresses Operational Improvements from better Situational Awareness for ATC and Air Crew using ADS-B (Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast), feeding both LFV implementation plans and EUROCONTROL CASCADE ADS-B Package I application validation. The event is a possibility for you to participate in the trial activity “hands-on” and witness it both from ATC and pilot (on-board) view. Above all, the aim is to bring you into the trial and the discussions at the workshop.

    We believe the event will be of interest for a wide audience, ranging from operational air traffic controllers and pilots to those involved in ADS-B applications (such as ATSA-AIRB and ADS-B-RAD) development and implementation. Over 10 ADS-B aircraft will be airborne (weather permitting). There is a possibility to fly along in some of them (limited number of seats).

    The enclosed invitation gives you further information and practical details about the event, to which you need to register on a “first come, first served” basis, no later than 12th October.

    We extend a warm welcome to all of you and hope to see you there.

    You can download ALL the info in a zip-file if you click here.

    You can download the invitation in a pdf-file if you click here.

    You can download the practical and registration information in a pdf-file if you click here.

    FFK takes part in the EGOA trials (Published by Lars Holmström, 2005-09-07)

    FFK (Volontary Flying Corps) is a Swedish voluntary government controlled organization which utilizes civil general aviation aircraft to perform various surveillance and environmental tasks. The pilots are recruited among members of flying clubs and aircraft owners. On a voluntary basis aircrew fly missions including maritime patrol and sea search. Also border patrols are made.

    Recently FFK has got a new way to supervise the flights of the small general aviation aircraft used. Flight safety can also be increased. In the headquarters at Skavsta airport it is possible to follow the flights in real-time on a PC. The aircraft used by FFK are often equipped with ADS-B/VDL mode 4* transponders being part of the ongoing EGOA trials conducted by the Swedish CAA.

    Each participating aircraft has a transponder which every few seconds automatically transmits a GPS derived position report. The transmitted position reports are received by the CAA ground receivers and are distributed on a ground data network. FFK at Skavsta is connected to the network and can follow the progress of FFK flights on a PC screen. The trials are at the moment planned to go on for more than a year.

    * ADS-B/VDL mode 4= Automatic self reporting of position etc. using a VHF datalink

    FIS-B up and running at Norrköping airport (Published by Roger Li, 2005-05-12)

    Since a couple of weeks the FIS-B service is now up and running at Norrköping airport. From the Norrköping ground station MET REPORTS are being broadcasted, available for the pilots in text format on their CDTI:s.

    Next step is to implement the service at all four airports in Östgöta TMA that participates in the EGOA project.

    Successful Multimode Radio Installations & Test (Published by Roger Li, 2005-04-08)

    RTX6040 Multimode Radio installation in SE-XMF

    During this week the RTX6040 Multimode Radios combining 8.33/25 kHz Voice COM and ADS-B via VDL mode 4 have been installed.

    On Friday the 8th of April six aircraft and three vehicles participated in a test and demonstration in Östgöta TMA. Both Multimode Radios and "ADS-B only" transponder equipped aircraft participated.

    The demo flights was presented live via internet at the EUROCONTROL Briefing day for Business and General Aviation (report found here) as well as on a joint Swedish-Russian event at Malmö-Sturup airport in southern Sweden.

    EGOA project experiences so far (Published by Lars Holmström, 2005-04-07)

    ADS-B transponders and in most cases with a cockpit display (CDTI) have been and are currently being installed in aircraft operating in Östgöta TMA i Sweden. Some of the transponders are ADS-B only transponders while some are Multimode Radios with combined 8.33/25 kHz Voice COM and ADS-B via VDL Mode 4, all in one small box. So far the system has performed well to all expectations. The air controllers are not yet fully trained to use ADS-B but as more transponders are “on the air” more and more data is recorded and experience collected. Monthly reporting is made by all participants and this is of great value. A number of demonstrations of the system have been made and more are planned. Next upcoming demo is on April 8, live in Östgöta TMA and via Internet connection at EUROCONTROL in Brussels.

    Presentation software available for participants (Published by Roger Li, 2004-12-17)

    The ADS-B presentation software Multi Mode CATS is now available for those participating in the EGOA-project. This far Linköping Flying Club has had the presentation software installed, enabling the people on the ground to follow the flights of the ADS-B equipped aircraft via an internet connected PC.

    Now the Multi Mode CATS software is available for everyone participating with an ADS-B equipped aircraft in the EGOA project.

    To get your copy of the software please contact

    Report from AVIGEN 2004 (Published by Roger Li, 2004-10-17)

    Now a report from the successful first major EGOA demo can be found by clicking here.

    Updated CDTI manual
    (Published by Roger Li, 2004-10-11)

    Cockpit Display of Traffic Information - CDTI

    An updated operating manual of the Pocket PC cockpit display (CDTI) is now available under Downloads and Presentations. This manual is valid for CDTI software version 0.9.

    Welcome to Linköping airport on September 9 (Published by Roger Li, 2004-09-08)

    Do not forget to come to the "open house" at Linköping Flying Club at Linköping-SAAB airport on thursday September 9. Between 13.00 and 15.00 the equipment used in the EGOA project will be demonstrated. Between 14.00 and 14.30 a live demonstration will take place (if the weather conditions are OK), involving around ten ADS-B equipped aircraft coming from different airports in Östgöta TMA.

    Project status report available (Published by Roger Li, 2004-08-17)

    The latest project status report is now available in both English and Swedish. You will find it under Downloads and Presentations.

    Successful flights! (Published by Roger Li, 2004-08-12)

    Four ADS-B equipped aircraft.

    The first major flight test involving several aircraft was conducted successfully at Malmen airport on monday evening the 9th of August

    In Malmen TWR the air traffic controller could follow all aircraft on the air traffic display showing both SSR equipped aircraft as well as ADS-B equipped aircraft.

    After the test everyone involved was very satisfied with the result.

    CDTI mounted in the middle of the instrument panel in one of the aircraft.

    ADS-B displays now in towers (Published by Roger Li, 2004-06-17)

    Air traffic controller Anders Carlsson in Skavsta TWR

    On the 15th and 16th of June the towers at Stockholm-Skavsta, SAAB and Malmen airports got their ADS-B presentation units installed. The system is the i-acs system from AerotechTelub which is already used at many Swedish airports. The difference with the displays installed as a part of the EGOA project is that these units also support ADS-B, of course alongside with SSR and PSR which was also supported in previous versions of i-acs.

    Click here to see a close-up of the i-acs display in the Stockholm-Skavsta tower.

    Focus on VDL mode 4 in Alaska presentation (Published by Roger Li, 2004-06-16)

    During the "International Advanced Aviation Technologies Conference" in Anchorage, Alaska, the Swedish CAA was represented by Mr Jens Redeborn. There was a big interest from the auditorium which resulted in an article in the online publication "Flt Tech Online - News, Analysis and Commentary on Flight Technology". The article can be found here.

    EGOA at Briefing Day for General Aviation (Published by Roger Li, 2004-03-05)

    The annual “Briefing Day for General Aviation” was held at Eurocontrol ,Brussels, on the 27:th of Februari. A small exibition was held outside the conference room by the operational responsible of the EGOA project, Per Wilhelmsson. Besides the information about the EGOA-project a large diplay showing ADS-B traffic at Arlanda airport was demonstrated. The recording showed ADS-B transponder equipped busses at Arlanda airport and also data from the ground movement radar at Arlanda.

    Among the people that visited the EGOA exibition was Phil Boyer, President of AOPA, who showed a great interest in the ADS-B technique.

    At the Briefing Day 2005, the EGOA project hopes to be able to show a live picture of ADS-B equipped aircraft flying in Östgöta TMA in Sweden.

    Approval from all four airports (Published by Roger Li, 2004-02-15)

    All the four airports in Östgöta TMA that are meant to participate in the EGOA project are now ready to begin the installations of ADS-B/VDL Mode 4 ground stations and tower equipment. In some airports the installations has already begun and they will continue during february and march.

    A more comprehensive status report can be found under Downloads and Presentations, the report is in Swedish only.

    EGOA presented in the Netherlands (Published by Roger Li, 2003-11-17)

    LVNL - Dutch CAA

    The EGOA project was presented at a symposium at Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL) on november 7 2003. The symposium was organized by a number of organisations: NIN - AOPA - LVNL – KNVvL. The EGOA-project was represented by Per Wilhelmsson, operative responsible. A number of presentations were held at the theme “navigation for the general aviation” and the sixty participants were very active in the discussions. Several participants at the symposium were very interested in the work that is done in the EGOA project and saw a need for a similar project in the Netherlands.

    Status report (Published by Roger Li, 2003-11-06)

    A current project status report (in Swedish only) is now available under DOWNLOADS.

    VDL Mode 4 makes the headlines (Published by Roger Li, 2003-11-06)

    In November 4 the Swedish CAA in cooperation with EUROCONTROL arranged an ADS-B demo at Arlanda Air Traffic Control Centre. The event was well covered by media and was presented in the prime time news programme RAPPORT on the Swedish National Television channel SVT1.

    The papers were also there and if you click here you can read an article published originally in Linköpings biggest newspaper, Östgötacorrespondenten (in Swedish only).

    Big interest to participate (Published by Roger Li, 2003-10-31)

    The EGOA project has had ongoing lobbying activities since march 2003. These activities have now resulted in that more than 40 aircraft has been proposed to participate in the project by their different owners.

    Even though there will not be much more than 40 installed aircraft in the project we still encourage flying clubs and aircraft owners to flag their interest, it is not yet decided which 40 aircraft that will be selected.

    The owners of the first ten aircraft to be installed will be notified in december.

    EGOA presentation at Hässlö FK (Published by Roger Li, 2003-10-30)

    On Tuesday October 28, Lars Holmström presented the EGOA project at Hässlö flying club outside Västerås, Sweden.

    EGOA web site up and running (Published by Roger Li, 2003-10-04)

    The EGOA web site is now up and running. The page will be continously updated with new material, such as upcoming events, reports, presentations, equipment information and more.

    EGOA already at Science museum (Published by Roger Li, 2003-09-11)

    On September 11, 2003, a presentation of the EGOA project was held by Lars Holmström at the Science Museum in Stockholm. The invited guests were from the scientific and aeronautical associations.